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Epic Tv / Barstarzz

For those of you who don’t know I am also currently a producer for the website I create a calisthenics based video once a month. I try to use this project to reach out to athletes I have a hard time getting to my own. Through the series I have showcased high level freestyle […]

Calisthenics Fitness Motivation

Last Saturday our friends from Staten Island, “Staten Island Bar Crazy” hosted a pull up jam. A pull up jam is basically a meet up of different calisthenics athletes. People come together to enjoy what they love. This one was hosted along side a community event already going on in Corporal Park in Staten Island […]

Extreme Calisthenics Workout Challenge

Want a tough challenge? Well here you go. Moises came up with this as a challenge to himself. He wanted to complete 20 pull ups, 10 muscle ups, and 10 straight bar dips. We eventually made the rep range higher once we were able to do this. The form portrayed in the video is not […]

Community Class Workout Routine

For those of you don’t know we host free community workouts in different locations across the country. Its a way we try to engage the people who support us, as well the youth in neighborhood ¬†gives them something positive to look forward to every weekend. We encourage unity with positive progression. Check out the class¬†schedule […]

Fibo 2015

Hello everyone. I had the honor of attending the Fibo in Koln (Cologne), Germany. It boasts the largest fitness expo in the world. Definitely the biggest from all the ones I have ever visited. I was there for 4 days thursday, friday were only open to fitness professionals and saturday, sunday for the general public. […]