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Linking: A Guide To Flow

Linking is the process of combining moves to create a set. You have a list of calisthenics moves in your repertoire. Everyone does. No matter your fitness level. You have a body, therefore you have physical ability. The process of linking involves being aware of what you can do and when you can do them. The […]

Healing Your Wrist – Part I

First of all, if you have pain in your wrists in weight bearing poses, take time to rest your wrists. Seriously, don’t do ANY weight bearing poses for awhile! Chances are you have a repetitive stress injury or (RSI). What is RSI? RSI stands for repetitive stress injury. When exercising, typically we are repeating the […]


Creation is a gradual progression. It has a base from where all things come from. Creative Calisthenics is no different. The fundamental moves are the most important and should be practiced for strength purposes, yet the joy of the sport lies in the discovery of the unknown. The Tree of Knowledge There is a tree […]