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1 Year Body Transformation, With A BROKEN Leg

I met Scuba Steve less than a year ago. He came into the group class very polite and thankful for everyone taking the time to help him out. Since then he has become a teacher at the same group class. He received the help and then in turn gave back to the newer people coming […]

Slow (No False Grip) Pure MUSCLE Up Tutorial

The muscle up. Pretty much the divider between basic calisthenics and the advanced. Chances are you seen one before, most fast, some slow, but a very rare sight is a slow muscle up without a false grip. A true achievement of bodyweight strength. Watch @sobe_barstarzz teach you exactly how to do it. A pure strength […]

Freddy Ping’s Upper Body Workout Routine

Freddy has been training with us for about a year. With us he has learned a lot of freestyle movements and static skills, but on his own he has been training for about 10 years doing bodyweight exercises. When he is not practicing his skills he is working out on his basics. Here is a […]