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Weekly Challange

Everyone trying the challenge for the week 10 Pull ups 1 Muscle up 20 Straight Bar Dips 1 Muscle up 15 Dips 1 Muscle up 10 Dips 1 Muscle up 5 Dips 10 Pull ups We did it for the least amount of breaks to finish. After this we practiced our skills and then a […]

16 Min Intense Workout Routine

Crystal ran us through a high intensity interval workout for our second workout at the community class. 30 Seconds on, 10 Seconds off, 8 sets for each exercise Squats Diamond Push Ups Leg Raises Have fun guys and gals

Anthony “iNatural” Alderman Workout Routine (53 Years Old)

53 year old Anthony “iNatural” Alderman makes a return to talk about his workout routine he uses to stay in shape. Here at Barstarzz we try our hardest to get the information everyones ask for. So after a huge request for his workout routine we caught up with Anthony to see how he stays in […]

Weekly Challenge August 9 2015

This week’s challenge was posted by Stephen from the UK @iambarstarzz and it was a routine that he seen Vadim from Ukraine do. Its 10 pull ups 1 muscle up 20 straight bar dips 1 muscle up 15 straight bar dips 1 muscle up 10 straight bar dips 1 muscle up 5 straight bar dips […]

How to 180 regrab (Explode Out Of Back lever)

Explode Out Of Back lever

Lu explains how to do a 180 regrab. This is when you end up in a inverted pull up position, or the end of a skin the cat, you then pull, twist, and kick out your legs to turn around and regrab the bar to starting position.   Must strengthen your backwards pulling which is […]

Calisthenics SuperWomen

Calisthenics SuperWomen

A compilation of some of the high level women in the Barstarzz community. Some of the footage was from the recent Amp Training tournament in Long Island, as well as some clips from over New York’s very cold winter. Starring Jessica aka Russian Red, Spidey Who, Crystal, Oona from Finland, Manko Fit. Each woman bringing […]

Father And Son Workout Goals

Father And Son Workout Goals

Meet Bill Will (The Veteran) and Scott. Will is currently 60 years old, Scott 22. Scott  met Will 2 years ago at the Yankee Stadium park in the Bronx, New York. Scott molded himself to become a athlete after watching youtube videos like those from our channel and decided to make a change. He came […]

Street Workout Championship 2015

For the third year in the row the World Street Workout & Calisthenics Federation held their Street Workout Championship. This year having less countries but also have the females championship combined with the event. There was about 50 countries who had males present, and 15 females. They were set in a random order to compete […]

Street Workout New York World Cup 2015

Street Workout New York World Cup 2015

On July 26 2015 we hosted yet again the “Street Workout New York World Cup” Its the biggest freestyle calisthenics event in the U.S. The best 16 athletes compete for a chance to make it to the super finals in, which this year will be in Moscow. We teamed up with a street fair in […]

Best of Street Workout And Calisthenics On Instagram 2

Best of Street Workout And Calisthenics

The Best liked posts from our instagram page. @barstarzz and #barstarzz for a chance to be featured!     Featuring in order of appearance @rudirok & @edbarstarzz @corey_hall_fitness @Freddyfoxbarstarzz @lesliemunoz @workout_lithuania @jay2streetworkout & @swaggylee_nastybarz @stiffbarstarzz @oonakofficial @nastyajoooonny @angelikakogut @alibadbazzi @raulvstreetworkout @yuliya_bozina @babyface_assassin @Insta_talenttricks @cabodyweight @allimacl @Edbarstarzz & @sarahgfitness @Edbarstarzz @Mickey_Langston @Verticalpk @Jay_barstarzz Son