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Bodyweight Volume: “The 500 Workout” [Infographic]

The 500 Workout

If you’ve been following Barstarzz for a while, you would know that calisthenics and street workout is filled with many different training methods, as well as many different types of routines. While some train to improve their “flow”, so that they can succeed on an upcoming street workout event, there are also those who focus on sets and reps […]

Do Ankle Weights make you run faster?

Do ankle weights make you run faster? No! running with ankle weights is actually very bad for your knees. The heavier they are the worst the damage that will be done to your knees (might be able to get away with some really light weight) Your foot design was meant to be small, even if you […]

Palm Spin drill with a Resistant Band

A genius way to work safely towards the Palm Spin. If you have it but also feel edgy try it as a warm up. Assuming you already watched our video on how to do it and have the technique down pack. 1.Find a bar that curves down or has a clear end (no pillars) 2.Tie […]