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Palm Spin drill with a Resistant Band

A genius way to work safely towards the Palm Spin. If you have it but also feel edgy try it as a warm up. Assuming you already watched our video on how to do it and have the technique down pack. 1.Find a bar that curves down or has a clear end (no pillars) 2.Tie […]

Hefesto / Backwards Muscle Up Tutorial

This tutorial is on the Hefesto also known as the Backwards muscle up. We had our friend @bodyweight_movement break down the move in the format he learned it in. This movement is a very specific skill, this should be only for those interested in developing this exact skill. It doesn’t have practical purposes if training to […]

Barstarzz Resistance Bands

So I am excited to announce the release of Barstarzz Resistance Bands! Popularly known as resistance bands but in calisthenics are more commonly used as assistance bands. Know those tricky moves you have trouble finding the technique for? Use the band to relieve the pressure so you can learn the mechanics and get a feel of […]

Mike Rashid trying a Barstarzz Workout

Here at Barstarzz we have the pleasure of training with a lot of popular athletes. While in Florida for the Strength Camp Challenge we linked up with Mike Rashid, a bodybuilder / boxer / powerlifter who trains with Ct Fletcher in California. He is also the owner of the new Iron Addicts gym. We drove from […]

Barstarzz Christmas Gift

So I know every year you see these advent calendars come by for December. Well we decided to make an exercise one, I can’t take the credit for this one though. It was developed by Mark Spice from the UK Barstarzz. His plan is everyday until the 24th you will have a set to do. […]


Freddy Pina took up an extreme challenge. The exercises itself are paticular are not too difficult but trying to do them as fast as you can is what kills you. A couple of our guys threw up trying to do this. If you want to see the other guys efforts check this link  Try it but be […]

Amazing 60 Year Old Training

Wayne Quong, 60 year old from Vancouver, Canada. After decades of inactivity, started on his fitness journey just 4 years ago. Hoping to inspire others, and show that calisthenics and lifting “heavy shit” can be your fountain of youth. We first met Wayne when Vertical went to the Bar Vancouver to teach a workshop. Wayne […]

Full Guide for L Sit to Handstand

Gabo Saturnobar is a calisthenics athlete trained under Chris Heria in Miami. He does Yoga as well as calisthenics so his flexibility is amazing for a bigger than average guy. In this tutorial he walks you through how to do a L Sit to Handstand. This is a very popular move, and one of the […]

Barstarzz Meets Ronnie Coleman

We had the pleasure of last of being invited to the Strength Camp Challenge in Tampa Florida with Elliot Hulse. We had the honor of gathering with several other fitness youtubers. On the second day we were invited to Powerhouse Gym in Tampa by one of our followers on Instagram. We replied to the random comment […]