Barstarzz Meets Ronnie Coleman

2 years ago News Eduard Checo

We had the pleasure of last of being invited to the Strength Camp Challenge in Tampa Florida with Elliot Hulse. We had the honor of gathering with several other fitness youtubers. On the second day we were invited to Powerhouse Gym in Tampa by one of our followers on Instagram. We replied to the random comment and he invited us. So we decided to show up, it was a sick gym. Very diverse in equipment from heavy weights, to a small rocking climbing wall. We had a lot of fun and while we were there Ronnie Coleman also made it. Ronnie Coleman is the 8x Mr.Olympia which is the biggest bodybuilding competition in the world. He’s a bit older now but still lifts some pretty heavy weight. We talked, laughed, and got some clips together. Check out the videos.


Behind the scenes of that day

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