Barstarzz Resistance Bands

2 years ago News Eduard Checo

So I am excited to announce the release of Barstarzz Resistance Bands! Popularly known as resistance bands but in calisthenics are more commonly used as assistance bands. Know those tricky moves you have trouble finding the technique for? Use the band to relieve the pressure so you can learn the mechanics and get a feel of what the actual move would feel like. For example a planche is a very difficult movement that takes a lot of strength, but it also takes the right body positioning. Tie the band overhead, put the other end around your waist and lean forward to mimic what a perfect planche would look like. You will feel the load on your front delts as well as the stretch from your wrists, but all this while not be overwhelmed as if you tried it without a band. We plan on releasing many tutorials as well as manuals on how to use them so stay tuned.

We also prepared preset packs for you guys with certain goals for example the working on your muscle up? Well the Muscle up pack has a heavy band that will provide with a lot of assistance in the movement. Once you learn the technique with the extra boost from the band, you can move to the next lighter band to work your strength. As you get stronger you go lighter and lighter until you can do it yourself. These bands were picked specially for this. The other bands would be too big or too small. We also made packs for these as well

Pull Ups

One Arm Pull Up

Front Lever

Check them out, and stay tuned for tutorials.

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