How to get a Muscle Up from a Big Guy

So you’re 200+ lbs and wanna muscle up just like everyone else? I know it must be frustrating seeing smaller guys flying around. I know I’m there now. I am weighing in at 200lbs a lot heavier than when I was a couple of years ago. I can tell you first hand it is much […]

Hannibal For King’s “Around The World” [Infographic]

Hannibal For King's "Around The World" [Infographic]

As a calisthenics athlete, one individual who you should know by heart is Hannibal For King. Being one of the main pioneers of this new age calisthenics movement, Hannibal is almost always a main reason why other athletes started training with their own body weight. Here in Barstarzz, one of the most popular videos we ever made was with […]

Washington Heights Parks!

Hello everyone, I hope you are doing well. For those of you who have been following us since last year will remember when we were campaigning for a new park to be built in our home base neighborhood of Washington Heights, New York City. Our local government organizes a competition where the residents of the neighborhood can […]

15 Pull Ups, But Cant Muscle Up?

So you can do 15 pull ups but you cant muscle up? Are you sure they are correct pull ups? If you are working towards your muscle up than your pull ups should be explosive. From a locked out position you want to pull up as high as you can (chest – neck area) as […]

Working out too much destroy your gains?

  Answering a youtube question by Michael Cassonova on his new training regime. He commented on our last video explaining he has been training calisthenics for a year now 5-6 days a week. He plans on adding a 40lbs weight vest to his workout as well as starting concurrently a 3 day a week weight […]

How to Learn A New Strength Skill

  So whats the best way to learn a new strength skill? Is it bodyweight exercises, weight lifting, or attempting the skill itself over and over again. Well none of the above. Although you do need (should have) a very general level of fitness to start training for any skill, you need to do specific […]

Strong is Beautiful – Crystal Iglesias

  Our newest video features crossfit owner Crystal Iglesias. She owns Crossfit Giant in New Jersey. After giving birth to her son she felt like she gaining weight for the first time in her life. This motivated her to get started with fitness and her first form of working out was Crossfit. On her path of […]

Most chin ups in 24 hours – JOONAS MÄKIPELTO Interview

  Hello everyone today I bring you a interview with Joonas Mäkipelto. He recently broke the world record for most chin ups in 24 hours with a whopping 5,050 repetitions. He completed it on February 6 2016 in Finland. He finished his record 18 hours and 52 minutes after suffering several injuries. His attempt was viewed […]

Train with Passion

While we were visiting Texas we had the chance to link up with Alexandria Michelle. She was a former gymnast who is now more into general fitness. So after a long break of gymnastics she was inspired to start working out to change her body and “get a butt.” She followed traditional methods at first just […]

Double Amputee (Zack Ruhl) Trains Extreme

Meet Zack Ruhl aka @pitbullruhl on instagram. At the age of 2 years old he was diagnosed with a disease that led to him having both his legs amputated. This never hindered his athletic passion. He went on to play just about every sport including football. Through football he was introduced to powerlifting. He started to like […]