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Weekly Challenge August 9 2015

This week’s challenge was posted by Stephen from the UK @iambarstarzz and it was a routine that he seen Vadim from Ukraine do. Its 10 pull ups 1 muscle up 20 straight bar dips 1 muscle up 15 straight bar dips 1 muscle up 10 straight bar dips 1 muscle up 5 straight bar dips […]

World Record Breaking Pull Up Routine – John Bocek

Current World Record Holder for most pull ups in a day John Bocek walks you through his training program. He modified a program he followed for ultra marathon running to pull ups. He currently holds the most pull ups in a day world record with 5,801. (These percentages are based on a workout session, sometimes […]

Muscle Up Workout Routine

Vertical runs you through a sick muscle up routine Set 1 : 1 muscle ups, 3 straight bar dips, 2 pull ups Set 2 : 2 muscle ups, 6 straight bar dips, 4 pull ups Set 3 : 3 muscle ups, 9 straight bar dips, 6 pull ups Set 4 : 4 muscle ups, 12 straight […]

The 500 Rep Workout

The 500 rep challenge / workout, up for it? 100 squats, 100 pull ups, 100 push ups, 100 dips, 100 combination of knee raises and leg raises. Dont do one until you move on to the next. Get ready to get huge!    

Freddy Ping’s Upper Body Workout Routine

Freddy has been training with us for about a year. With us he has learned a lot of freestyle movements and static skills, but on his own he has been training for about 10 years doing bodyweight exercises. When he is not practicing his skills he is working out on his basics. Here is a […]

Extreme Calisthenics Workout Challenge

Want a tough challenge? Well here you go. Moises came up with this as a challenge to himself. He wanted to complete 20 pull ups, 10 muscle ups, and 10 straight bar dips. We eventually made the rep range higher once we were able to do this. The form portrayed in the video is not […]

Community Class Workout Routine

For those of you don’t know we host free community workouts in different locations across the country. Its a way we try to engage the people who support us, as well the youth in neighborhood  gives them something positive to look forward to every weekend. We encourage unity with positive progression. Check out the class schedule […]


Here’s a fundamental move to incorporate in your routines and exercise regiment, Chris shows us how in the video below: