Double Amputee (Zack Ruhl) Trains Extreme

2 years ago Inspiration Eduard Checo

Meet Zack Ruhl aka @pitbullruhl on instagram. At the age of 2 years old he was diagnosed with a disease that led to him having both his legs amputated. This never hindered his athletic passion. He went on to play just about every sport including football. Through football he was introduced to powerlifting. He started to like powerlifting more then football so he moved to focus more on powerlifting.

After powerlifting he started crossfit. Now in crossfit he competes in crossfit competitions all over the country. He opened his box (Crossfit Gym) in Houston, Texas. He has over 30 clients who he coaches closely and passionately. While active in crossfit he came across Barstarzz on youtube. Through this is the first time he a seen a muscle up, being inspired he decided to go for it. The first bar he went to try it on was the restrictive gym bars with multiple handles. He got it on his first try. After hearing critisim from random people on the internet saying it was easy because he has no legs. So he decided to start making videos with his wheel chair strapped on to shut the haters up.  He practices all types of movements from heavy lifting like a 450lb bench press to explosive handstand transitions.

We stumbled upon on him through his friend Luke Ericson who is also a fellow crossfit competitor. Luke showed us one of his videos, we were amazed. After that I wrote him introducing myself but he already knew of Barstarzz. From there we stayed in contact, sharing my favorite videos of his on our Instagram page @barstarzz. Recently I traveled to Dallas, Texas to film a handstand program while I was there I decided to rent a car and drive down to Houston. Came by his gym the first night right after a class. He invited us in and we went down to film right after some jokes. He asked us to show him stuff and he got many of them on his first try. I don’t think there was one move he couldn’t do.  After a couple of hours we went back to our hotel and went to bed.

Next day we came by during his open class. We got to see Zach the teacher and not just the athlete. He was lazer focused and attentive to what his clients wanted. After a couple more moves and talks we decided to head back. Down below is the awesome video we got with him.


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