Handstand Straight Arm Press

2 years ago How-To Eduard Checo

Here at Calisthenics Academy in Miami, Florida we had the pleasure of having coach Gabo walk us through how to handstand press with straight arms. This is pure dominance of the body. A very controlled movement that calls for a lot of core and shoulder strength. Watch the video for the full tutorial and keep the following key points in mind.

1) It is important to warm up your wrist first 00:42
2) Need to develop your shoulder strength and core with this workout routine. 4 sets 2:08

-1 Squeezing an object with straight arms in front of you will raise from a V position on the floor and shift the weight forward to go on your knees. Do this as much as you can with perfect form. 6: 11

-2 You are going to walk up backwards into a handstand against the wall to a straight line. Hold this for as long as you can. 6:22

-3 Using a higher platform than the ground but shorter than you preferably waist level. Press with straight arms and try to raise your lower body as much as you can. Do this with maximum effort 6:27

-4 Walk up the wall into a plank with the wall holding your feet for the maximum amount of time. 6:31

-5 Hamstring stretch. Reach down with your knees locked for about 1 minute 6:45



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