How to do a 360 swing

3 years ago How-To Eduard Checo

Watch Joel Nunez (@Mr_Barstarzz) teach you the in’s and outs of learning the 360 swing. Now this is a heavy momentum move. It won’t develop strong or big muscles but more of a skill to practice if you are into freestyle. Its part of the encouragement of keeping exercise fun. Feel free to simply ignore this tutorial if your goal is to have “bigger arms” or get that six pack. This is for the dare devils and freestylers.
Key points covered

– Warm up (should always)

– Need a high bar (feet can’t touch the ground)
– Your Cast Away (Swing)
– The right height to pull up to (your chest over the bar)
– Both hands let go at the same time!
– Turn your hips leading with the turning hip

Think of a strong swing. Pull up then kick out to the sky. Make sure to come back with a lot of momentum, full force. On your way back keep the arms locked out so the momentum bring you up.  You want to aim high, your body above the bar. This makes sure you go up instead of backwards.

Both hands have to let go at the same time get the right spin. Make sure you find out your right spin side to go to. This could be left for some people and right for others. A good way to test this is just to jump and spin on the ground. See which one you get better. Whichever you decide to turn make sure to use a strong leg twist (think of a side knee raise) to help you get a strong turn.


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