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15 Pull Ups, But Cant Muscle Up?

So you can do 15 pull ups but you cant muscle up? Are you sure they are correct pull ups? If you are working towards your muscle up than your pull ups should be explosive. From a locked out position you want to pull up as high as you can (chest – neck area) as […]

How to Learn A New Strength Skill

  So whats the best way to learn a new strength skill? Is it bodyweight exercises, weight lifting, or attempting the skill itself over and over again. Well none of the above. Although you do need (should have) a very general level of fitness to start training for any skill, you need to do specific […]

Palm Spin drill with a Resistant Band

A genius way to work safely towards the Palm Spin. If you have it but also feel edgy try it as a warm up. Assuming you already watched our video on how to do it and have the technique down pack. 1.Find a bar that curves down or has a clear end (no pillars) 2.Tie […]

Hefesto / Backwards Muscle Up Tutorial

This tutorial is on the Hefesto also known as the Backwards muscle up. We had our friend @bodyweight_movement break down the move in the format he learned it in. This movement is a very specific skill, this should be only for those interested in developing this exact skill. It doesn’t have practical purposes if training to […]

Full Guide for L Sit to Handstand

Gabo Saturnobar is a calisthenics athlete trained under Chris Heria in Miami. He does Yoga as well as calisthenics so his flexibility is amazing for a bigger than average guy. In this tutorial he walks you through how to do a L Sit to Handstand. This is a very popular move, and one of the […]

How to 180 regrab (Explode Out Of Back lever)

Explode Out Of Back lever

Lu explains how to do a 180 regrab. This is when you end up in a inverted pull up position, or the end of a skin the cat, you then pull, twist, and kick out your legs to turn around and regrab the bar to starting position.   Must strengthen your backwards pulling which is […]

Handstand Straight Arm Press

Handstand Straight Arm Press

Here at Calisthenics Academy in Miami, Florida we had the pleasure of having coach Gabo walk us through how to handstand press with straight arms. This is pure dominance of the body. A very controlled movement that calls for a lot of core and shoulder strength. Watch the video for the full tutorial and keep […]

Slow (No False Grip) Pure MUSCLE Up Tutorial

Slow Pure MUSCLE Up Tutorial

The muscle up. Pretty much the divider between basic calisthenics and the advanced. Chances are you seen one before, most fast, some slow, but a very rare sight is a slow muscle up without a false grip. A true achievement of bodyweight strength. Watch @sobe_barstarzz teach you exactly how to do it. A pure strength […]

How to do a 360 swing

Watch Joel Nunez (@Mr_Barstarzz) teach you the in’s and outs of learning the 360 swing. Now this is a heavy momentum move. It won’t develop strong or big muscles but more of a skill to practice if you are into freestyle. Its part of the encouragement of keeping exercise fun. Feel free to simply ignore […]