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Train with Passion

While we were visiting Texas we had the chance to link up with Alexandria Michelle. She was a former gymnast who is now more into general fitness. So after a long break of gymnastics she was inspired to start working out to change her body and “get a butt.” She followed traditional methods at first just […]

Double Amputee (Zack Ruhl) Trains Extreme

Meet Zack Ruhl aka @pitbullruhl on instagram. At the age of 2 years old he was diagnosed with a disease that led to him having both his legs amputated. This never hindered his athletic passion. He went on to play just about every sport including football. Through football he was introduced to powerlifting. He started to like […]


Freddy Pina took up an extreme challenge. The exercises itself are paticular are not too difficult but trying to do them as fast as you can is what kills you. A couple of our guys threw up trying to do this. If you want to see the other guys efforts check this link  Try it but be […]

Amazing 60 Year Old Training

Wayne Quong, 60 year old from Vancouver, Canada. After decades of inactivity, started on his fitness journey just 4 years ago. Hoping to inspire others, and show that calisthenics and lifting “heavy shit” can be your fountain of youth. We first met Wayne when Vertical went to the Bar Vancouver to teach a workshop. Wayne […]

Weighted Muscle Ups 60lbs

I got to visit my friend Raman while I was traveling in Kuwait. Raman currently working on the world record for most pull ups in one minute. You can see his attempt at the end of the video.

Calisthenics SuperWomen

Calisthenics SuperWomen

A compilation of some of the high level women in the Barstarzz community. Some of the footage was from the recent Amp Training tournament in Long Island, as well as some clips from over New York’s very cold winter. Starring Jessica aka Russian Red, Spidey Who, Crystal, Oona from Finland, Manko Fit. Each woman bringing […]

Father And Son Workout Goals

Father And Son Workout Goals

Meet Bill Will (The Veteran) and Scott. Will is currently 60 years old, Scott 22. Scott  met Will 2 years ago at the Yankee Stadium park in the Bronx, New York. Scott molded himself to become a athlete after watching youtube videos like those from our channel and decided to make a change. He came […]

Street Workout Championship 2015

For the third year in the row the World Street Workout & Calisthenics Federation held their Street Workout Championship. This year having less countries but also have the females championship combined with the event. There was about 50 countries who had males present, and 15 females. They were set in a random order to compete […]

Best of Street Workout And Calisthenics On Instagram 2

Best of Street Workout And Calisthenics

The Best liked posts from our instagram page. @barstarzz and #barstarzz for a chance to be featured!     Featuring in order of appearance @rudirok & @edbarstarzz @corey_hall_fitness @Freddyfoxbarstarzz @lesliemunoz @workout_lithuania @jay2streetworkout & @swaggylee_nastybarz @stiffbarstarzz @oonakofficial @nastyajoooonny @angelikakogut @alibadbazzi @raulvstreetworkout @yuliya_bozina @babyface_assassin @Insta_talenttricks @cabodyweight @allimacl @Edbarstarzz & @sarahgfitness @Edbarstarzz @Mickey_Langston @Verticalpk @Jay_barstarzz Son