Mike Rashid trying a Barstarzz Workout

2 years ago Workouts Eduard Checo

Here at Barstarzz we have the pleasure of training with a lot of popular athletes. While in Florida for the Strength Camp Challenge we linked up with Mike Rashid, a bodybuilder / boxer / powerlifter who trains with Ct Fletcher in California. He is also the owner of the new Iron Addicts gym. We drove from Tampa to Miami (5 hours) and immediately had to meet him because of his tight schedule.

He was eager to try any workout we threw at him. We had a workout set up on the board and asked him if he felt uncomfortable doing any of them his reply was “Ill do whatever” We proceeded to warm up than I showed him he technique for the muscle up. Although he was very strong he was missing the slight forward swing. On his third attempt he went up for 2 in a row! Shows you proper technique is key.

After learning the muscle up we moved on to the actual routine. The routine was

Dips to L – Sit 10,8,6,4,2
Switching Pull ups 8
Clap push ups 20
Window wipers 15
Half burpees for 30 seconds

When doing the dips 10 reps than 10 second L sit, 8 reps than 8 second hold all the way down, with no rest.

Switching pull ups start wide and at the top switch to close. Good way to work for explosion.

Our half burpees were more intense than regular, we did an explosive push up with it as well, you can see in the video.

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