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So I know every year you see these advent calendars come by for December. Well we decided to make an exercise one, I can’t take the credit for this one though. It was developed by Mark Spice from the UK Barstarzz. His plan is everyday until the 24th you will have a set to do. The set matches the date. Same exercises they just increase by one.

Dec 1 1 muscle up, 1 straight bar dip, 1 pull up, 1 full leg raise (toes to bar), 1 burpee, 1 push up.

The video was uploaded on Dec 4 so I performed

4 muscle ups, 4 dips, 4 pull ups, 4 leg raises, 4 burpees, 4 push ups

Today I did the 5s. Tomorrow I will do the 6s. I will probably skip the 7s for a rest day. Integrate this to your regular routine, so keep your regular rest days. If it becomes too challenging break the set in portions, for example dec 12, do 2 sets of 6s , or 7s & 5s. Your call. We love seeing you guys upload videos of them! The video down below explains it more in def.

Straight Outta Calisthenics Shirt 



The young lady Yulanda Thom’s attempt , on facebook

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