Palm Spin drill with a Resistant Band

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A genius way to work safely towards the Palm Spin. If you have it but also feel edgy try it as a warm up. Assuming you already watched our video on how to do it and have the technique down pack.
1.Find a bar that curves down or has a clear end (no pillars)
2.Tie the resistance band on the edge then extend it out so it makes the bar somewhat longer, half being actual bar, other half being the resistance band. Have a friend hold it or tie it to another further away object to keep the band extended.
3.Palm hand that you are spinning towards on the edge, the other hand evenly spaced away. Pump then for the turn. If your calf touches the resistance band that means you need to work more on your pivoting towards the shoulder so you come in more slanted, If your feet touch that may mean you need to work on tucking in more

Resistance Band Palm Spin Tutorial Video

Get the bands here

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