Street Workout World Cup Stage New York 2015

2 years ago News Eduard Checo

That time of year again for the World Cup. For those of you who don’t know the world cup is the biggest calisthenics event of the year in America. several of the top athletes come out to compete for a chance to make it to the international Super Finals. Last year it was hosted in Norway, this year it will be in Moscow. They are about 20 World Cups all over the world each stage sending 1-2 winners depending on their organization (returning cups send more, first time countries send 1) to the Super Finals. So far 10 stages have already been hosted in places like Hong Kong, Poland, and Dubai. You can check out the whole list of WSWCF events here



The way the competition works is athletes are allowed to pick a song for their routine. 2 minutes you get to go on stage and do as you like being scored by 4 judges based on your performance. The judging categories are, style, static, dynamic, and combinations. At the end the points will be added and the winner will be announced.


Last year we hosted our World Cup at the Amphitheater in East River park. This year we were invited on to a street festival in the Bronx. We plan on having a huge organic crowd from the music, and introducing a lot of people to Calisthenics. This year we will only allow the top 15 to compete by invitation. Invitations will be sent out based on the champions from last year, international athletes, and winners of a video prelims. If you are interested in keeping up with the event, subscribe to the event on facebook.








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