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Hannibal For King’s “Around The World” [Infographic]

Hannibal For King's "Around The World" [Infographic]

As a calisthenics athlete, one individual who you should know by heart is Hannibal For King. Being one of the main pioneers of this new age calisthenics movement, Hannibal is almost always a main reason why other athletes started training with their own body weight. Here in Barstarzz, one of the most popular videos we ever made was with […]

Bodyweight Volume: “The 500 Workout” [Infographic]

The 500 Workout

If you’ve been following Barstarzz for a while, you would know that calisthenics and street workout is filled with many different training methods, as well as many different types of routines. While some train to improve their “flow”, so that they can succeed on an upcoming street workout event, there are also those who focus on sets and reps […]

Mike Rashid trying a Barstarzz Workout

Here at Barstarzz we have the pleasure of training with a lot of popular athletes. While in Florida for the Strength Camp Challenge we linked up with Mike Rashid, a bodybuilder / boxer / powerlifter who trains with Ct Fletcher in California. He is also the owner of the new Iron Addicts gym. We drove from […]


Freddy Pina took up an extreme challenge. The exercises itself are paticular are not too difficult but trying to do them as fast as you can is what kills you. A couple of our guys threw up trying to do this. If you want to see the other guys efforts check this link  Try it but be […]

Weekly Challange

Everyone trying the challenge for the week 10 Pull ups 1 Muscle up 20 Straight Bar Dips 1 Muscle up 15 Dips 1 Muscle up 10 Dips 1 Muscle up 5 Dips 10 Pull ups We did it for the least amount of breaks to finish. After this we practiced our skills and then a […]

16 Min Intense Workout Routine

Crystal ran us through a high intensity interval workout for our second workout at the community class. 30 Seconds on, 10 Seconds off, 8 sets for each exercise Squats Diamond Push Ups Leg Raises Have fun guys and gals

Anthony “iNatural” Alderman Workout Routine (53 Years Old)

53 year old Anthony “iNatural” Alderman makes a return to talk about his workout routine he uses to stay in shape. Here at Barstarzz we try our hardest to get the information everyones ask for. So after a huge request for his workout routine we caught up with Anthony to see how he stays in […]

Weekly Challenge August 9 2015

This week’s challenge was posted by Stephen from the UK @iambarstarzz and it was a routine that he seen Vadim from Ukraine do. Its 10 pull ups 1 muscle up 20 straight bar dips 1 muscle up 15 straight bar dips 1 muscle up 10 straight bar dips 1 muscle up 5 straight bar dips […]

World Record Breaking Pull Up Routine – John Bocek

World Record Breaking Pull Up Routine – John Bocek

Current World Record Holder for most pull ups in a day John Bocek walks you through his training program. He modified a program he followed for ultra marathon running to pull ups. He currently holds the most pull ups in a day world record with 5,801. (These percentages are based on a workout session, sometimes […]