Community Class Workout Routine

Community Class Workout Routine

For those of you don’t know we host free community workouts in different locations across the country. Its a way we try to engage the people who support us, as well the youth in neighborhood  gives them something positive to look forward to every weekend. We encourage unity with positive progression. Check out the class schedule here


The Workout Routine was

1) Warm up

2) 25 jumping jacks (1-2-3=1, 1-2-3=2) 25 squats 3 sets

3) Sets of 10 push ups with 20 second rest for 3 minutes. Every set do a different position then the last one.

4) 10 pull ups, 10 second hold at the top, 10 second hold halfway 3 sets
If you can’t do ten pull ups? Than max pull ups, 5 second holds

5) 5 dips, hold at the top for 10 seconds, 5 dips, hold at the top for 10 seconds 3 sets

6) Skill practice

The video demonstrates all of this


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