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Master All Calisthenics Moves!

Use our collection of all our resistance bands to scale difficult calisthenics moves to easy to practice variations


:white_check_mark: Resistance Levels From Beginner To Expert. Scale Your Progress Appropriately! 

:white_check_mark: Portable Full Body Workout All In One Bag. Take It Anywhere!

:white_check_mark: The Highest Quality Bands! It Will Not Tear. You Seen What We Do, It Will Not Tear! Even In The Most Extreme Workouts!

:white_check_mark: The Set Comes With 4 Bands, 1 Ebook, 1 Carrying Barstarzz Official Bag 

:white_check_mark: Finally Get The Feeling Of Looking Over The Bar And Smiling At Your Friends




Our bands were designed with the calisthenics enthusiast in mind. Used by the pros to progress and to master the advanced movements. A handy tool from a trusted source.

Great not just for calisthenics but also for Stretching, Warming Up, Aerobics, Weight Lifting, Yoga, Crossfit

  What does it mean to you? To finally be able to do that pull up, to be finally to be able to get over the bar for the muscle up. 

 “Just Go Up”

 How exhausted are you of hearing this advice. Truth is, it doesn’t work like that. You have to scale difficult exercises. Very rarely someone without an athletic background can just do a pull up, a muscle up, a front lever. These things are learned with time, commitment, and practice. 

  Not just any practice though. Well planned, well done practice. Taking your weight, the movement, and scaling it in into easier progressions. Let’s say you want to learn the pull up, well take a look at the video below. 


Notice how the pull up was scaled using our bands.

This lets you practice the movement perfectly without compromising on crucial form to progress the correct way without getting injured.

The same principal can be applied to countless movements, wether it be dips, muscle ups, front lever, etc.

Use the thick bands until you can use the lighter bands until you need no bands.

This is a proven system used over and over again with countless results. Just check our social media pages for proof and testimonials. 

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