Planche Push Up E-Book


:white_check_mark:  Finally Master The Elusive Planche Push Up With Training From An Expert Teacher And Avid Performer Of The Move. A Shortcut To One Of Calisthenic’s Hardest Moves

:white_check_mark: Eduard Checo’s Exact Style Of Training For The Planche Push Up

:white_check_mark:  Link To Videos, Pictures, & A Workout Routine


You watched them do it on youtube, on instagram and you just thought how. How is it possible to do a push up like that. I know I use to try and just be happy moving an inch.


After years of trial and error I learned the proper way to train for it. I use to think with just enough Puesdo push ups you will get to it. But I was WRONG! If you are doing them wrong you will never get them.


But with some adjusting I was able to get it down packed.

Want to skip all the years I went through? Perfect. I think its a good idea.

Get this PDF and learn the Planche Push Up from a Pro.

Truly control your body.



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