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Barstarzz BTX is an amazing calisthenics workout program for beginners. It shows you just how to start calisthenics with beginner progressions that start you off at a point where you can’t do a pull up. Thats right if you struggle to do your first pull up we got your back! We have progressions and routines to have you knocking out pull ups in no time. What amazing with Barstarzz BTX there is also alternatives if the workout is too easy. So no matter your level you will be challenged. It is a 12 week program meant to transform your body into a calisthenics athlete.

What Can You Expect


4-5 Highly effective workouts per week for 12 weeks in the highest quality HD videos and downloadable calisthenics program PDF


New skill trainings every day. Each starting with the simplest progression building you up vertically to the toughest.


Varied workouts both in intensity but also goal. We want to build a well balanced, athletic, chiseled, athletic body. You won’t ever be bored!

After 8 weeks of the BTX program I’m far better at calisthenics than I was from trying calisthenics by myself for one 1,5 years and 5 or 6 years of going to the gym!

Daniel Winer

The Barstarzz BTX program gave me the motivation I needed to turn my life around! I did the pre-program, the 12-week program and I am still training with the workout library. It's incredible, thanks guys!

Dan Lancaster

I needed this transformation badly. Strictly bodyweight exercises. Honestly, I couldn't have done it without the @barstarzz fam!


I need to say that I am very thankful to barstarzz because they helped me a lot to not quit, to work hard and achieve my goal.


This is something I will do for the rest of my life. So I cannot even imagine how far I will go.

Jordan Hall

Before and after calisthenics! Wasn't easy to get to where I am today but it happened! Thanks to #barstarzz for the extra push and all my bar brothers!


For about a year I trained calisthenics, and I remember very well how at first it was difficult as I wanted to give up until I met @barstarzz, and everything changed.


I proved to people that nothing can stop a man who wishes to succeed and realize his dreams! BarStarzz showed me how to get there.


I decided to take up calisthenics and become lighter. 50 weeks later I took this picture on the right. This is all thanks to BarStarzz!



  • Progressions for every skill you are introduced to such as the pull up, muscle up, front lever, back lever, planche and more.
  • Versatile to challenge any fitness level. Beginner perfect get ready to learn. Expert? Just as a good, watch the challenge of trying to complete reps with perfect form.
  • 40 step by step exercise technique videos that ensure you have perfect form to progress fast but safely.
  • 284 training sessions that will keep you motivated and you give the best progress.
  • Printable workout tracking sheets so you can take notes of your progress.

Extra Bonuses

  • Become part of the global Barstarzz community where people help, inspire, and motivate each other. Learn from your peers with the philosophy of “each one teach one”
  • Extra Bonus 4 week pre-program for complete beginners including 78 training sessions that will get your fitness level up
  • 30 Day 100% Money back guarantee.
  • All you need is a pull up bar
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