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Beast On The Barzz is a street workout program for beginners but also the advanced. It focuses on teaching you skills. Skills like the pull up, front lever, back lever, planche, handstand, handstand walk, muscle up, and many different muscle up variations including the very difficult X muscle up.

Through a progressive calisthenics program we scale up the workouts both in intensity and difficulty. You will be challenged every step of the way but not overwhelmed. Every workout is very carefully calculated to bring you the best results.

You start off with choose a level from a option of 4. The most beginner being not being able to do a pull up and the most advanced being able to do a muscle up.

From here you will be introduced to skills at the very beginning of their progression chain. For example you will not be expected to do a muscle up right away but instead be introduced to progressions for the muscle up like a jumping muscle up or a negative muscle up. You will have dedicated time to work on these skills at the start of your training right after your warm up.
The warm up lasts about 5 minutes and prepares your body for the intense training you are about to embark on. After the warm up and after the skill training you will get a short but intense workout. The workout will train your whole body. Your body will be trained the way it was meant to be trained. The workouts are designed to build you towards the skills in the program as well as getting you in tip top shape, build muscle, burn fat, and gain strength. Learning the muscle up? The workout will be training the muscles needed for the move as well as training them in unison the way it would be needed to be activated during the muscle up. Same for every skill mentioned above.

What do you get?

25+ Detailed High Quality Videos where every single detail is explained and emphasized.

Access to our BTX Exercise library with over 80 videos for different exercises and workout routines.

First ever Barstarzz E-book! 160 pages of workout routines, tips, and everything you need to know for the best calisthenics program. A easy to read street workout pdf. Click Here