Barstarzz Instructional Movie (The Ultimate How To On Bodyweight Fitness)


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The Ultimate Guide to Bodyweight Fitness: The bodyweight experts known as Barstarzz have put together a comprehensive and easy to follow guide into the world of calisthenics training. With over an hour of footage, you will see:

Instruction on some of the most extreme moves in the calisthenic world
Routines and how to put those moves to work best for you and your workout
The best way to do cardio
How to build muscle without supplements
How to get a six pack
What foods you should stay away from
How to increase flexibility
The fastest way to lose fat
How to treat tendonitis
How to increase your vertical leap
and much more!
This Dvd is jam packed with information, whether you are new into fitness or an expert, this DVD will help you master your body weight.

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