Resistance Bands

One Arm Pull Up Training Pack


Master The One Arm Pull Up!

The Perfect Collection Of Bands To Finally Get The One Arm Pull Up

• Light Assistance To Scale The One Arm Pull Up To Perfection 

• Portable Full Body Workout All And It All Fits In Your Pocket!

• The Highest Quality Bands! It Will Not Tear. You Seen What We Do, It Will Not Tear! Even In The Most Extreme Workouts!

• The Set Comes With 2 Bands, 1 Ebook 

• Finally Get The Feeling Of Looking Over The Bar And Smiling At Your Friends With Just One Hand!




Our bands were designed with the calisthenics enthusiast in mind.

Used by the pros to progress and to master the advanced movements.

A handy tool from a trusted source.

Great not just for calisthenics but also for Stretching, Warming Up, Aerobics, Weight Lifting, Yoga, Crossfit


How To Use It For A One Arm Pull Up?

1. Throw a band over the pull up bar.

2. One hand grabs the bar, the other grabs the band or towel as the lowest point that still allows you to complete 5 pull ups on each side.

3. Use the assisting hand only sparingly.

4. As you get stronger grab it lower and lower on the band. Once at the bottom of red, one to the yellow band. 



Additional information

Weight 376 g


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