Working out too much destroy your gains?

about 3 years ago ago Opinion Barstarzz

Answering a youtube question by Michael Cassonova on his new training regime. He commented on our last video explaining he has been training calisthenics for a year now 5-6 days a week. He plans on adding a 40lbs weight vest to his workout as well as starting concurrently a 3 day a week weight lifting program. He wants to know if this will kill his muscle mass.

The video goes on to explain that they are many factors that go into this. The simple fact of working out more than the average person (5-6 days a week calisthenics plus 3 of those days lifting) will not damage your muscle mass if you are doing it right. What I mean by right is that you are eating and sleeping good. The more you workout the more calories your body needs. In the video I use the example of Michael Phelps who eats 12,000 calories a day. Now the average people will quickly become obese with this type of diet, but Michael Phelps was training 5 -6 hours a day inside the pool and than went to the gym. His exercises included some really intense swimming sprints. 12,000 calories was his maintenance

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