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Review On Art Of Sport Products

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Working out outside, birds chirping the sun beaming and you are just getting your reps in. Its a beautiful feeling. I know because I have been doing it for over a decade now, maybe 2. I’ve worked out in parks all over the world under the beautiful sun. But their is one thing I never paid attention to. My skin. See the sun is aging us. The radiation in form of UA & UB light is wrecking our skin. As a kid its nothing I ever worried about. But now as an adult I can see the wrinkles. The sun isnt the only culprit. I don’t like to be sweaty so I tend to shower after every workout and when I wake up. It averages out 2-3 times a day. I would never pay attention to any soap, I would just grab whatever is there. This is another mistake. Cheap low quality soap strips away the healthy bacteria on your skin. The healthy bacteria that keeps you looking good. Now back to the sun I encourage everyone to read this article real quick.

Its titled “There’s proof: Sunscreen reduces skin aging.” It covers an experiment in Australia where they recruited 900 participants. They gave half of them sun screen along with classes on how to apply it properly. The other half didn’t receive the class or the free sunscreen. They were not told to not put on sunscreen, the researchers determined this would be unethical! They revisited the participants in 4 years and put their skin under a microscope. They seen the effects of the sun on the skin. Those who used the sunscreen frequently and correctly had skin 24% younger. This is only 4 years. Imagine longer!

Besides aging there other serious concerns such as skin cancer. Now the sun isnt the enemy, you still have to have at least 20-40 minutes of direct sunlight for vitamin D. The time varies depending on the color of your skin, the darker the further end of that range and the lighter the smaller end.

Now some ways to treat your skin as well as you treat your muscles. Sunscreen whenever you are going to be in the sun for over the above given range. Applied generously and every 2 hours or as the battle directs. Make sure it protects against UA & UB rays and SPF of at least 30. The bigger the SPF does not mean the longer it lasts. SPF numbers are incrementally different in protection. You want to use high quality soap, high quality cosmetic products in general. deodorant, shampoo, conditioner, and lotion. You also want to avoid the sun after you gotten enough for the day. Walk in the shade.

So time to go shopping? Not just yet. See I personally tried many sunscreens. They weren’t made for athletes. I’ve had sunscreen in my eyes which is very common if you are sweating. The burn was absolutely unreal. I found a sports sunscreen which still left my hands too slippery. But I finally found the perfect one after our sponsor Art Of Sport reached out to us. Art of Sport is a body care company with products targeted to athletes. They sent me, their soap, their sunscreen, and their deodorant. All which I loved. None of them made me feel dry but I actually felt great. Let me go into more detail about each one.

The soap’s main ingredient is charcoal. Its mixed with shea butter, and tea tree oil. It doesn’t have sulfates, parabens, alcohol, peg, dioxane, petrolatum, which is all the stuff you don’t want in soap. I been using this and it removes the sweaty feeling I hate but keeps my skin moisturized. Its like having the best of both worlds. Irish spring will definitely not give you that.

The deodorant’s main ingredient is Matcha, like in green tea. It doesn’t have alcohol, oil or any other negative stuff most deodorants have. Actually before this I was trying to use coconut oil mixed with baking soda, and a scented oil. I want to keep things as natural as possible. I don’t like putting blind faith into a company whose main motive is money and not my health and longevity. Of course this method is a bit more works so sometimes i just defaulted to the AXE spray. Now that I have this deodorant however I have that great fresh feel without again feeling burned or stripped.

Last but not least, what I think is most important. The sun screen. Now most of the sunscreens I tried til now were oil based. This one wasn’t. It was more a lotion. Which is great because you don’t want to bar with slippery hands. It also was sweat proof. I cant tell you the amount of embarrassing times I sweat white stuff from putting on sun screen and then working out. Again high quality ingredients.

So overall? Im a huge fan of the company. I plan on using their products in the future. 10/10 for me. Wether you decide to purchase or not put on sun screen! Those 3-4 hours in the sun will catch up eventually. Build up the good habit now.

Below is the video I filmed after using the products.

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