Father And Son Workout Goals

about 6 years ago ago Inspiration Eduard Checo

Meet Bill Will (The Veteran) and Scott. Will is currently 60 years old, Scott 22. Scott  met Will 2 years ago at the Yankee Stadium park in the Bronx, New York. Scott molded himself to become a athlete after watching youtube videos like those from our channel and decided to make a change. He came to the park and wasn’t able to do much. Upon coming to the park repetitively he met the elders such as Will who helped coach him to where he is today. They uploaded a video on Facebook with over a million hits today. The video titled “Father & Son Workout Goals” had a lot of requests so we just had to go out and film them. Inspiration for all, they are not related but Scott looks up to Will with big aspiration.

Will battles arthritis and nerve damage to continue his passion of working out. He hopes his message of inspiration is able to touch many. Be inspired



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