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about 4 years ago ago Inspiration Eduard Checo

While we were visiting Texas we had the chance to link up with Alexandria Michelle. She was a former gymnast who is now more into general fitness. So after a long break of gymnastics she was inspired to start working out to change her body and “get a butt.” She followed traditional methods at first just picking exercises she would come across from pinterest and instagram. She was seeing progress but lacked the passion in her fitness, thats when she decided to start incorporating her old gymnastic exercises and skills back into her life.

She now uses her old gymnastic warm up to start her workout. During her workout she makes time to stay agile by practicing her handstands, flips, and different variations of bodyweight movements. She managed to regain all her old skills while learning new ones. Doing all this at Gold’s Gym, not a gymnastic gym. No comfy mats, or foam pits are available but she makes use of what she has around her. She now has a lot more fun while working out and connects with her inner child.

So take this as a lesson to incorporate fun into your workout. If it looks like a chore you will never succeed. Stay active should be something to look forward to, think about when you were a child and you waited for recess all day. This is the excitement you have to towards fitness. You should be jumping for joy for “recess” to come up. If you’re not then you need to reevaluate your routine. If you like basket ball try shooting some hoops and every shot you miss give yourself 20 push ups. Put together a exercise program that compliments basketball for example sprints, and bench jumps. These exercises will help transition into your performance and make the workout more fun. For me personally I find joy in practicing certain freestyle moves. The art in it makes me happy, as well as the adrenaline rush from trying certain daring moves. Its like a natural high for me. Find what makes you happy.

Her powerful suggestion at the end of sharing motivation is something we always lived by.  Each one teach one.


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