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How To Start Calisthenics Training With Al Kavadlo | Barstarzz Podcast #2

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How To Start Training Calisthenics With Al Kavadlo

As you may already know we launched the Barstarzz Podcast!

You can find it wherever you listen to podcasts. Like Apple or Spotify

In these podcasts we plan to interview industry experts, and extract the top tips on calisthenics, health, longevity, and overall performance. Im super excited to have more people on. But enough of that, lets get to this awesome interview Al Kavadlo.

“Its me Al, I’m just a regular guy like you, I don’t look like a body builder, Im not taking steroids, I’m 40 f**king years old, and look Ima pop one up and I’m going to smile while I do it. If I can do that, you can at least try” – Al Kavadlo

If you guys don’t already know Al Kavadlo he is a calisthenics best selling author, a personal trainer based out of New York City, an original Youtuber, and he travels the world teaching for the Dragon Door Progressive Calisthenics certification.

In this episode Al Kavadlo goes into why he started calisthenics. Like myself, he was too young to go to the gym, so we had to rely on the doorway pull up bar. The classic version before the Iron Gym. Al got the idea from the Terminator 2 Movie. After the pull ups he moved on to weight training. Eventually making his career as a personal trainer. As a personal trainer is when he first seen a pistol squat (one leg squat). He felt the challenge. He thought because he can squat double his body weight, he can do a pistol, but he missed it. The challenge motivated him to dive into calisthenics.

When asking Al “whats the best way to learn a new skill” he goes into why it has to be a very individual approach. People vary from fitness level, and flexibility level. These things play a huge part into programming.

Take Away

The same approach isn’t going to work for everyone. Listen to the steps but customize it to your level, while being mindful of what you are missing so you can work on that.

When asked whats the best training frequency he mentioned a default 3x a week of a full body workout. This is because of people’s busy lives. It’s hard to spend a lot of time working out when you have a job and kids. That said more could be better if you can.

Take Away

3 Full body sessions a week will be great, it allows you to train muscles 2-3 week which we know is the optimal range for growth. If you have more freedom, and your goal is to learn a skill, then just like the violin you will have to put in time practicing.

Al mentions the psychological aspect of learning difficult skills like the muscle up.  I mention this in my video “Watched Every Video, Still Can’t Muscle Up”

You watched people you classified as heroes or super athletes do these hard movements. You may put these in the back of your head as impossible feats of strength. But just like the people you watched, you can train for it. It takes you believing you can first and foremost. The goal is attainable. You must know this with every training session. If not, you will always see it just out of reach.

Al mentions his curtain routine resolves around taking care of his daughter. He is able to squeeze in 2 full body intense workouts, then fits in 15 minute workouts whenever he can for example he would use the ab wheel at home.

You Can Watch The Full Video Below


Start 1:18

How Al Started Calisthenics 1:23

Why Choose A Pull Up Bar Over A Dumbbell 2:06

What Is The Best Method To Learn A Skill 4:50

What Frequency For Skill Training 7:20

What Al’s Personal Workout Routine Looks Like 11:35

Whats Al’s Personal Diet Looks Like 16:54

How To Train The One Arm Pull Up 18:40

Do You Still Do Yoga 21:28 Advice For Someone

Who Wants To Live Healthier 25:34

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