Most chin ups in 24 hours – JOONAS MÄKIPELTO Interview

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  Hello everyone today I bring you a interview with Joonas Mäkipelto. He recently broke the world record for most chin ups in 24 hours with a whopping 5,050 repetitions. He completed it on February 6 2016 in Finland. He finished his record 18 hours and 52 minutes after suffering several injuries. His attempt was viewed by over 337,000 viewers thats more then the Prime minster received when the same company broadcasted his election. After breaking the record being the romantic he is Joonas purposed to his girlfriend on stage, she said yes.

Joonas Mäkipelto Interview

Can you let everyone know your name and where you from ?

My name is Joonas Mäkipelto and i live in finland. I´m almost 28 years old. I am a firefighter and I have a building company as well. So I work double about 60-70 hours in week.

What is your official world record ?

My official world record is: most chin up in 24 hours. New result is 5050 chin ups .

What inspired you to start training for it?

I´ve always been good at chin ups but i saw a video where some guy was training to do a new pull ups record. Then I looked at that and thought I can do that, and my coach says yea we will try that. So about one year ago we started to train this.

What was your training program for it?

Of course if you want to do many pull ups or chin ups you have to train these very much, but of course when we talking a longer performance like this, you have to train your aerobic condition, like a running, swimming, and what ever you want. You have to try get as many hours as possible in every week

How many hours a week did you train? Did you train 7 days a week on chin ups?

I train 5 or 7 times in a week, but chin ups only once a week. Of course I do chin ups when i warm up before gym training, but one day is only the chin ups nothing else.
it´s very important thing to train the muscles that you need for chin ups,like a stomach,chest,back shoulder and of course back.

How did you find time to train while still working your jobs?

Thats a big problem and the reason why my training times change every week. When I´m busy with my building company I train a little bit less and I try to use the benefits of exercise and when I have more time I try to train as much as possible

Is there a special diet you had for this goal?

Just a little. My idea is that you have to eat alot, then you have energy to train alot. Of course I dont eat anything shit, like a candies or bun. If you do a one set then you have to be little bit accurate, but if you do something in 24h you need alot of energy.

Did you gain mass training for this record or lose weight or neither?

I dropped my weight only six kilos before this record and the reason is: you need energy all the time, always when you train, and between the performances.

What injuries did you sustain during the record. ?

I broke my shoulder. Four muscle tears in my shoulder and one tear in my bicep. I got first tears when i was doing a 1000 chin ups, and all tears when i was doing 3000 chin ups, but because I embody the sisu of finns I continue  trying and i get all 5050 what I need. Normaly i can do those 5000 chin ups in 12h, and normaly set in 24h can be about 7000 chin ups. Now i have to stop in six hours before the ending because shoulders was very very painfull, and my coach says that he dont want that I damage my shoulders more.


What would you suggest for people to increase their chin ups?

Just hard training, and believe your self, and dont never give up 🙂

How can people contact you or learn more about you?

In facebook, my sporting page. Joonas Mäkipelto. if somebody want to take contact me i am happy to answer their questions.


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